Keiran left two successful careers — media company founder and celebrity columnist — to write code, redesign everything and make the world a better place. Explore his projects and background below.

Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP (WordPress), Matlab. Jump to Github.

Thought Leader

As a media personality, Keiran took on celebrity culture, mob violence, predatory business and homophobia in ‘the most homophobic place on Earth’ (Time). His one-man war against groupthink and for tolerance made him the most-read columnist in the country.

We should have met Obama with caution, not celebration

Politics •  The Jamaica Gleaner •  6 min read

The lottery is a nasty tax on poor people

Business •  The Jamaica Gleaner •  6 min read

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“Keiran King is irreverent, iconoclastic, boundlessly courageous and fiercely independent.”
Ian Boyne, journalist

Founder & Industry Leader

Keiran’s media company, Backstory, set a new standard for original Jamaican content and revitalized a moribund industry. While collecting a mantle of production and design awards, Keiran sought to reform the awards process to be more inclusive.

“Ambitious… refreshingly different… reminiscent of George Bernard Shaw…”
Tanya Batson-Savage, Susumba

“Another masterpiece…”
Marcia Rowe, The Jamaica Gleaner

“A crowning achievement in Caribbean theatre.”
Sean Nottage