Mr & Mrs Blacke

a play in one act by Keiran King

A young, attractive couple with every success discover that their lifestyle — and their marriage — is built on secrets and deceptions.

Nicholas: Do they have to fall in love every time?
Samantha: Nobody wants to watch people fall out of love.

On the stage

Mr & Mrs Blacke was first presented at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts, Kingston, Jamaica on 13 Jul 2012, under the direction of Paul Issa, with the following cast:

Samantha Keisha Patterson
Nicholas Keiran King

The play was then presented at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts, Nassau, Bahamas on 14 Oct 2012 with the following cast:

Samantha Sakina Deer
Nicholas Keiran King

Nicholas: You unstoppable bitch.
Samantha: Sticks and stones, darling.

In the media

“A fresh, intelligent take on marital strife…”
Owen Tomlinson, The Jamaica Observer

“Ambitious… refreshingly different… reminiscent of George Bernard Shaw…”
Tanya Batson-Savage, Susumba

“A crowning achievement in Caribbean theatre.”
Sean Nottage

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Nicholas: You can’t write about ordinary people. It’s boring.
Samantha: I find myself fascinating.

Around town

Samantha: It’s too much.
Nicholas: You can never have too much money, honey.

Behind the curtain