CodeCard-counting Dept.

Anna, a kalooki scorecard

Kalooki is the most popular card game in Jamaica, a staple of family and social gatherings. My aunt Ann Marie, who passed away in October, loved the game. I have many, many fond memories of her kicking my butt.

Anna is a kalooki scorecard and leaderboard. Easily add players, enter scores, “bend the board”, and see exactly how far behind first place you are.

CodeAlliteracy test Dept.

Gary, a game for alliterates

My wife and I love word games — crosswords, Boggle, Scrabble (our set is 25 sq. ft). We both grew up in Jamaica, where a common after-school activity is ‘Boy, Girl, Place, Thing’.

Gary is an alliterative game for 2 or more players. Throw up a card, and scribble answers to the 12 categories before time runs out. To score, eliminate duplicate answers and count the rest.

It’s free, open-source, and easily localized, so you don’t have to learn any US state capitals.

CodeLetter boxes Dept.

Phil, a crossword maker

I submit crosswords to the New York Times in my spare time (and usually get a very nice rejection from Will Shortz a few months later). The industry standard software is Crossword Compiler, which is expensive and Windows-only. Until now, I used CMFC, an iPad app. But while at Recurse Center in NYC, Raph Levien and I built Phil, a free and powerful HTML5 puzzle-maker.

Phil imports and exports .PUZ, uses a high-quality custom dictionary, and generates a solvable PDF or NYT submission with one click.


Tag, a music organizer

Tag is a (Mac-only) script that adds basic tagging to iTunes. Run via Quicksilver, a launcher utility, Tag populates the Comment and Grouping fields of a track’s ID3 metadata with sorted, delimited lists of your supplied tags.

Tag and rate the current track (even when paused). Add or remove tags and ratings from thousands of tracks in seconds. Combine with Smart Playlists to parse your music by mood, subject, season or anything you want.

How to create a Smart Playlist

Download Tag