a play in one act by Keiran King

An unsuccessful writer turns a quiet birthday into a psychological bloodbath, uncovering the desires hidden inside his dysfunctional family.

William: I am a living testament to wasted human potential.

On the stage

Taboo was first presented at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts, Kingston, Jamaica on 12 Jul 2013, under the direction of Eugene Williams, with the following cast:

Sabrena Lisa Williams
William Keiran King
John Rodney Campbell
Gina Yendi Phillipps

Gina: I just wonder where all the excitement went.
John: I think it went into the kids.

In the media

“A spare, lacerating drama…”
Tyrone Reid, Tallawah

“Another masterpiece…”
Marcia Rowe, The Jamaica Gleaner

“Poetic, dramatic, melancholy…”
Tomekha McCarthy, Artograph

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John: You know what we need?
Gina: Group therapy?
John: The next best thing. Who wants wine?

Around town

John: Why don’t you get a real job and earn real money and sleep with your wife like a real man?

Behind the curtain